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Cleanup on Isle V

The cleanup is one of the most discussed topics on the issue of cuckolding. How many couples actually go through with the act is probably up for debate as it really ranks quite high up in the advanced space of cuckolding.

The act of cleaning up is any act involving the cuckold licking up the bull's cum. Although widely portrayed as the licking of your wife after the bull has ejaculated inside her it refers more widely to any instance where the cuckold licks the cum of the bull, whether it be off her breasts, her pussy, her bum or from inside her. The point of the cleanup is to avoid your wife having to get up after having sex with her bull and dealing with the semen that is either starting to leak from her vagina or run off her body.

This is probably one of the most powerful acts within the cuckold lifestyle as it so easily combines the mental AND physical aspects of the cuckolding lifestyle. From a physical perspective it brings the cuckold right to the apex of where his wife and her lover join. Semen also carries with it immense  psychological power, being one half of the ingredients needed for conception and life to start and its presence either inside or on your wife indicates a certain level of ownership has already taken place.

As far as the cuckold is concerned it is the ultimate proof that his wife has had someone inside her (if the bull ejaculates inside her) and that she is comfortable having his semen in and around her body. As far as this type of activity goes there is also the assumption that at this point the bull has been tested and is clean and that some form of bareback play is part of the mix. This is also the one area where the wife is actually not the center of attention and also doesn't receive as much pleasure as the cuckold. This is an act primarily between the bull who uses this to dominate the cuckold and for the cuckold to reinforce his acceptance of the bull's dominance by taking the bull's semen into his own body. The wife is merely the conduit through which this power flows.

Getting to the cleanup stage in the lifestyle should take the cuckold quite a bit of time. It is a big step to take in the relationship and won't come easily to most men. We are not programmed to eat semen, whether it be our own or someone else's. However, there is one little weakness that all men possess and that is sexual excitement, aka being horny and both the bull and the cuckold need to exploit this to the full in preparing for cleanup duty.

To help you with the mental aspect of getting into contact with another man's semen just think of the general expectation that men have of women to either let us come inside their mouths or for them to swallow our cum. If they've been doing it for so long surely it isn't actually such a big deal for you to do the same. The other way of looking at it is that you've allowed another man outside of your marriage to not only be inside your wife, but be inside her without protection, cleaning up a little cum afterwards is actually not that big of a step to take.

The best way to tackle the process of cleaning up after your bull and wife is first to get comfortable with your own cum. The biggest challenge that most men face when trying to sample their own cum is that the desire to do so disappears as soon as you've orgasmed. Firstly, try and scoop and taste as much precum as possible leading up to your orgasm. This will get you used to the taste and texture of whats coming out of your body. Secondly, stop touching yourself as soon as you start your orgasming and start ejaculating. It will feel unnatural and frustrating but you will be able to ejaculate without losing much of your arousal. With that done you can scoop up some cum and taste. The more you do this the easier it will become.

Once you're comfortable with your own cum get your wife involved when the two of you are playing. If the bull still allows you to come inside her, ask her if you can go down on her afterwards or for her to sit on your chest or face afterwards. Most girls are always keen for oral so this shouldn't be an issue. If you still feel like you've lost the urge after coming, give yourselves a 10 minute breather and then climb in. At this point you should be well versed and comfortable consuming your own semen.

Whether the bull or wife ask you or not you are entitled as the cuckold to clean up after them (i.e. you do not need to wait for an invitation, although most bulls will ask you to clean up anyways). Some couples wait for the bull to first leave but the sooner after ejaculation the better. As time passes the bull's semen will either drip out of your wife or it will be absorbed into her body, rendering the exercise futile. If possible get your wife to stay as still as possible after the bull has ejaculated. Semen has a funny way of running out with the slightest movement.

The most important thing though is not to have come. You need to be horny to truly make this happen and to minimize apprehension and angst.

Once in position take it nice and slow. Notice the way it smells. Notice how the smell might differ from your own cum. The smell will be a mixture of your bull and your wife's juices if he's come inside her. This is their unique sex smell. Notice the texture. Some bulls have thick strong semen while others are more runny. Take note of your wife's pussy, it might be a little stretched out after a good seeing to by the bull. As a rule of thumb try and work your way from the outside in finishing off at the center.

Once done you can ask your bull or wife if you can come. You will have one of the most explosive orgasms of your life. Enjoy and welcome to the cum eating cleanup club.

The Cuck


  1. Hi cuckold,
    My argument is, and has always been, if one’s Wife / Girlfriend has been happy to accept her Bull’s seed inside her (mouth or vagina) then who is cuckold to say no?
    He has witnessed him penetrate her with his member (both sheathed and barebacked), he has accepted his status as the lesser man (Beta Male) and now she has welcomed the better man’s ejaculate inside her.
    The ‘clean up’ is after all, an act of submission and acceptance of his lowliness, so the taste and consistency of her Lover’s semen should not deter cuckold from his duty, especially if he is committed to his new way of life.
    In time, a true cuckold will seek to do this even more than would be necessary and it will become another activity that makes cuckoldry such a wonderful lifestyle.


  2. I've been able to do this with my own cum. He didn't cum their first time so i dunno if I'll be able to yet....

  3. Any hesitation regarding cleanup duty was never an option for me right from day one. The very first time my wife's lover screwed, then pumped his sperm into my wife, and pulled out I was ordered to my knees before him. He grabbed my head, and I sucked his cock clean of all his sperm, then immediately got to work on my wife's vagina. I was totally degraded, emasculated and crying. The smells, and flavors made me throw up; then I was made to finish the job. But my wife was right when she told me since I asked for this there was no point in pussy footing around. I might as well get it through my head from the start that I was the cuckold, no longer the dominant sexual partner. Get used to doing what I'm told, and the taste of sperm from day one.

    Looking back on it, I'm thankful that our first bull was twice my size, and very aggressive. In fact two years after this hotel encounter; I shook his hand, and did thank him for that. Because after being so dominated that night, I learned right then,and it was easier to accept that I am am the weak cuckold who does what he's told during their lovemaking. No transition period over years of confusion. Twelve years later, I still readily do cleanup duty after, and now love the taste. The difference is, I don't feel like I'm being dominated, because I now take pride in the fact that I can follow an order from my wife, or bull with no backtalk. It's simply a lifestyle to me now. So I should be grateful to that first bull. He was doing me a favor, and helping me become the good little cuck I've since become. It also made things way easier for my wife. (Sincerely Fred)

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